At Traffika our core values are the DNA of our culture. They define who we are as an organisation and as a team.

Core values align our reason for existence and provide the foundations for attracting the right clients and the right talent.

Our core values set out what is acceptable behaviour in our day-to-day interactions with each other, our clients, suppliers, partners and the broader community.

At Traffika we believe in our 7 core values which when combined create our 8th core value Client Delight.

1. Get Life Balance

At Traffika we believe a balanced life is one worth living.

We don’t believe in the concept of work / life balance, only life. Having balance in all areas of our lives creates a state of happiness and fulfillment.

We are constantly seeking to fine tune both our professional contribution to Traffika and, just as importantly, our family, friends, finances, romance, health & fitness, social activities, spirituality and our physical environment.

2. Think Big

At Traffika we believe in thinking BIG.

Thinking big requires the passion and ambition to be, and think, bigger than who ‘we’ are as a team and who ‘you’ are as an individual.

There are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients and ourselves. We are not constrained by boundaries, time or geography.

3. Give and Empower to Receive and Achieve

Before we can be truly great and realise our potential as individuals, those around us need to be great.

As an organisation, a team, and as individuals, the more we freely give of ourselves, our knowledge and our talent, the greater our clients, team mates and the community around us all become.

At Traffika we believe that selflessly giving to, and empowering of, others are the hallmarks of true leaders and the true definition of service.

4. Own Your Journey

At Traffika we believe life is a journey and our personal journey is part of, and aligned with, the Traffika journey.

As an organisation and a team we exist to support both the Traffika journey and each individuals journey.

We are not victims. We own the path we choose to take, the decisions we make, our behaviours and the outcomes we deliver.


5. Swim Up Stream

At Traffika we think and act differently. We stand out from the crowd because there is a spirit and attitude about us that is different.

We challenge the status quo and don’t accept things need to stay the same. Change is a way of life.

We believe there is always a better way of doing things.

6. Step Up

At Traffika we believe in ourselves and our team.

We are courageous and confident and thrive on opportunities to grow individually and as a team.

We rise to the occasion and dig deep when the situation requires it.

7. Forever Learning

At Traffika we believe the more we learn, the more there is to learn.

We believe learning is a behaviour, not an activity. Continual learning allows us to live our core values and gives us confidence and self belief.

In an industry where change occurs in real time, we keep abreast of trends, technologies and online business opportunities so our clients are armed with the most valuable marketing weapons of all – knowledge and insight.

All 7 combined create 8. Client Delight

At Traffika, our minds are excessively preoccupied with delivering a client experience that delights and exceeds our clients expectations – every time.

When we talk about clients we mean both internal clients  – our team mates and external clients – our clients, suppliers and business partners.

Our Service experience is nothing short of WOW. It’s personal, professional, friendly, proactive and highly responsive.