3 Killer Content Marketing Insights [Podcast E10]

Traffika Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 10In this podcast, I am interviewing Ed for a change and we are referencing 3 great blogs with some of the freshest industry insight on Content Marketing. If you are tired of wading through the net looking for quality advice regarding Content Marketing, then go ahead and click the play button.

Our 3 Killer Content Marketing Insights are:

1. Ross Hudgens
Ross HudgensBlog – Transitioning to a Content Strategy
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The key here is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money right off the bat when starting a content strategy from scratch. You can start with the minimum viable product – meaning you can think like a lean start up by creating the minimum content it needs to get going.

Make a start, get it out in the market to get feedback, then revise, build on it and go back to the market again. Baby steps is essentially the best way to minimise risk and to be able to start faster.

You will also find out which content is popular without it costing a fortune on the wrong kind or style of content. Do it fast, do it affordably, test it, then adapt as you go along.

2. Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO
Jon CooperBlog Post: Making a case for contentless link building
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Content Marketing is the new catch phrase, but this is not the only thing you need, content is there for a reason which people forget. And that is to engage or create value for people so that they would want to share it, therefore generating links.

It’s actually the content value proposition that makes people link to your site. Jon encourages us to not to simply jump on the content bandwagon blindly. Links that are easy to get without good content will become spammy links in the end.

You could get links organically if you think about an alternative value proposition other than content. The key is to think outside the box.

3. Jason Acidre from Kaiser the Sage
Jason AcidreBlog Post: How to Maximize your Evergreen Content to Fuel Business Sales and Marketing
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Here, the insight is that some of your content should be created as evergreen.. Evergreen content is basically something that does not have an expiration date.

Content like resources, guides, instructions, whitepapers and eBooks for example can live a long time and get traffic for you continuously.  Focus on those certain topics that will not be limited by time. You will of course have to promote it so that it attracts social shares and links.

But evergreen content, well promoted is the gift that keeps on giving.

We hope you like these 3 Killer Content Marketing Insights.

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