7 Twitter Tools for Business Growth

Cut through the social static of Twitter with this list of tools that can help you find influencers and compelling content for your marketing plans and business growth.

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There are millions of people and businesses that use Twitter. It can be a daunting task to sift through all the noise to find what you’re looking for.

Here are some tools you can utilise to help if you are trying to find influencer’s to contact for guest blogging or build up your following with the right kind of people and businesses for potential leads and opportunities.

1. Twitter Advanced Search

This trusty function takes your search deeper. Type in your query as exact match, phrase or even neg out words.  Take a dive into people or even 15 miles within a location.

2. Hootsuite

Apart from scheduling your tweets to go out when you’re having Friday afternoon drinks. You can set filters to track keywords, mentions and popular topics that are trending.

Use the social analytics to measure user interaction and the success of your campaign.

3. Topsy

This great tool gives you real-time to 30 days data on your search query. Additionally it can tell you who’s tweeting about a particular topic and give you a quick-glance look at their profile which makes it easy to find if they’re someone you want to follow. (Its even got a G+ filter!)

4. The Archivist

If you love data like we do then this is the tool for you. It gives you in depth stats on tweets according to the search query you enter.  Like it’s name suggests you can build a profile around your searches to measure and compare at a later date.  This is great for seeing what content is hot and whats not.

5. WeFollow

Who’s got the biggest follows of them all?  Lady Gaga does duh!  Use Wefollow to find via tag’s who are influencers in your field or even location.  Enter your business name or field and find out where you sit in the mix.

6. Twellow

Twellow as its name suggests, is your Yellow Pages for Twitter where you can search for “categories” such as Computers and Technology, Education, Health and Society and Culture.  “Let your tweeting to the walking.”

7. Tweetbeep.com

If you’re a busy beaver and don’t have time to regularly monitor Twitter, set up Tweetbeep to email alert you whenever you get a mention or RT about your company, product or website. This is great for finding out who’s spreading the good word about your brand (or negative), you never know they might just be your next best client.

twitter_toolsThese are just some of the tools that can be used with Twitter to give you clarity into an often overwhelming social media channel. Twitter holds a wealth of information that when tapped can broaden and expand your business.

What Twitter tools do you work with that you would like to share?

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