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10 Reasons to Upgrade Now to AdWords Editor 11

In what Google are calling the biggest update to AdWords Editor since its release in 2006, AdWords Editor 11 brings promises of power and efficiency for serious advertisers. And although you have four months to upgrade before Google stops supporting previous versions of AdWords Editor, you won’t want to wait that long once you see what […]

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Which Attribution Model Should You Choose?

Attribution modelling is essential for assigning credit to your digital marketing channels and for understanding how to best spend your advertising budget! But unfortunately, it can get complicated very quickly. In our brand new Attribution Modelling series, we walk you through the importance of selecting the most appropriate model for your business, why the default model “last […]

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5 New Facebook Updates You May Have Missed

Facebook’s determined to finish 2014 off with a bang, releasing exciting new tools and insights just weeks before the year comes to a close. With new targeting options, the ability to search Facebook by keyword and some help identifying stories that will resonate with your audience, it’s clear that Facebook marketers, media publishers and page admins […]

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