A Creamy Taste of Ben & Jerry’s Facebook Advertising

Do you remember when you were growing up, one of the few things that made everything better was ice cream?  Ben and Jerry made it their life’s work to give their customers just that – comfort. Their ice cream has been there for millions whether breaking up with a first love, or celebrating a birthday.

Wanting to take their services to the next level so they could reach and connect with their customers on a wider range, they utilised Social Media Advertising using “Facebook Premium”. This allowed them to create a holistic approach with their audience and share their ideas about great ice cream.

Watch this Facebook Case Study on Ben & Jerry’s to see the full story.

By showcasing their 35 year history on Facebook, they share a bond with their audience, If you’ve tried chocolate chip cookie dough or cherry garcia, you know this bond is strong.

Facebook Premium is part of their PPC Advertising and has helped quadrouple their reachand make contact with 98% of their fans. Customer engagement has doubled with an increase in “likes”, “shares” and “commenting” on their Facebook page.

Measuring the impact of their Facebook page by doing a marketing mix analysis, they were able to determine that for every dollar they spent on Facebook it returned three dollars in sales.

Overall, by advertising with Facebook Premium Ben and Jerry’s has made a bigger impact by connecting with Facebook users.

We’d love to hear what your favourite ice cream Facebook Page is.

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