Adobe gets Social, get ready to analyse!

Having trouble measuring your social media campaign’s ROI? Adobe’s new product, Social, gives you the answers your accountant’s looking for.
“It’s time to take the guesswork out of social media.” Adobe’s new offering promises to make gauging ROI easier.

One of the main issues every social media campaign faces is measuring its effectiveness. Due to companies having multiple campaigns and sources of traffic, being able to get the exact ROI for a campaign can be a game of close estimates but often not exact.

For example, if you launch a new online social media campaign that involves sales, the measurement of engagement may not reflect that ‘last click’ at the checkout. This inaccuracy may eventually affect your other ongoing integrated campaigns such as mobile, search and display advertising..

Enter Adobe Social. Say goodbye to the mystery of social media campaign analytics, Adobe Social is designed to help companies streamline, connect, analyse and understand their customers. This tool should help organisations use gathered social data to optimise their interactions with existing and potential customers across all platforms.

“You can design your apps and manage your Facebook campaigns all in one platform: through Adobe Social.

So what are the benefits of using Adobe Social?

  • Save time and simplify your social media campaign. – Adobe Social allows you to manage and publish content from one platform and publish it across different social networks. You can also receive real-time insights into how the content drives the action such as purchases.
  • Measure ROI automatically. – Adobe Social has a system that helps companies track effectiveness of campaign, content, and engagement. You can also get data that will help you analyze customer behavior, brand preferences, customer loyalty, etc.
  • Connect and reach out to your fans with just a click. – You can monitor and respond to conversations on Facebook and Twitter using just one platform. you can also forward the issues to the right groups and track the resolution.
  • Customize administration to your needs. – You can organize permissions and access by brand, business unit, team, time zone, or language. It also has built-in review processes to let you maintain the system no matter where you are and monitor your local teams.
  • Make it easier to keep up with your fans. – Real-time insights can help you understand the reach and impact of your posts to find opportunities for advertising and marketing.

Adobe Social looks to be the Wayne Swan of the social media platforms, it promises to keep the books balanced and in the green so brands can measure ROI and manage their social media campaigns.

Does anyone have experience using this platform or any other similar platform?  We would love to hear about your experiences.

Photos courtesy of Famous Logos and Dexigner.

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