Google Launches Links Disavow Tool

Breaking news from Matt Cutts who was keynoting at the Pubcon conference today was that Google has finally released a “Disavow Links” tool to allow webmaster’s to request that google ignore links they feel are impacting their websites performance in the search results.

This has been a feature that webmasters have long been requesting, especially with the release of Google Penguin and a raft of other updates to the Google algorithm where low quality overoptimised links were found to have a negative impact on a sites performance.

The process is as follows:

  • Download links from webmaster tools
  • Create a text file containing the links that you want google to ignore
  • Upload the list via the Disavow Links tool and sit tight.

Instructions on how to use the disavow links tool can be found in the Google Webmaster Tools

The actual Disavow Tool can be found at

Questions remain about the effectiveness of the tool since google already takes action automated and manual to ignore many low quality types of links already.

Those without a sufficiently broad understanding of their link profile could do some serious damage if this is implemented incorrectly.

The contrarian in me is thinking that this is simply another discovery tool by the web spam team to improve the data they have on low quality sites.  Desperate web masters everywhere will be “dobbing in” sites they want google to ignore thus doing google’s work for them.

Matt Cutts, posted the 10 minute video below.

What do you think about this latest move from Google?  Will you be disavowing links?


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