How to Drive More Leads Using Social Media [Infographic]

Social B2B InfographicIf you are looking for some advice on how to increase your leads via Social Media Marketing, this week’s How Social is B2B infographic is just the thing you need.

Jeffrey Cohen of Social Media B2B shared some of Inside View‘s research statistics and examples that show how companies drive sales and leads through their social media accounts.

It is perfect for small, medium and large-scale B2B brands that have just joined the social media marketing bandwagon.

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, this guide has everything you need to find out how to improve your marketing leads.

Some highlights from the Infographic are:

  • 90% of B2B companies who use social media actively choose Facebook.
  • Of the 90%, 41% of these B2B companies has generated leads.
  • Companies who tweet a lot on Twitter get 2x more leads per month.
  • Active blogs create 67% more leads for companies.
  • Though only 33% of B2B companies use LinkedIn, this site generates more leads compared to Facebook, Twitter and blogging.
  • You shouldn’t set Pinterest aside: it is the fastest growing social media network in history, reaching 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than its predecessors.
  • For companies who have not done any social selling yet, you may be missing on many sales.
  • DO social selling because it gives you easy access to customers.
  • DO social selling because it allows you to beat competitors who are not there yet and compete with those who are already there.
  • DO social selling because everyone in your company expects it.
  • DO social selling because it speeds up research.
  • DO social selling because of 1000 global buyers, 1/3 have engaged with their social media vendors, and 75% more are likely to do the same in the future.
  • Speed up lead conversion by making customer conversation: use social networks and blogging to accelerate it by 20%.

With this infographic to serve as your guide, you might just be able to maximise the use of your social media accounts and create the ultimate social media marketing strategy that your company needs.  Are you sold yet?



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