Marketing Advantages of Upgraded Facebook Mobile

Facebook has recently launched an iOS update for their iPhone and iPad applications. So what does this update mean for people who want to take advantage of Facebook Marketing? Well, aside from making things flow much faster, it helps by giving you more options to engage with your mobile audience.

Here are the three main takeaways from this update:

1) Facebook Mobile Has An Enormous Customer Reachfacebook-smartphone

– 75% Of the the global population is on mobile devices

– 540 Million people browse Facebook on their phones monthly

– US mobile users hang out in Facebook for an average of 8 hours, monthly

2) Mobile Targeting Options Are As Robust As Desktop Options 

-You can do demographic targeting based on likes, activity, workplace, connections, education, relationship status, etc.

-You have to option to target exclusively for mobile users

3) Visibility in Mobile News Feeds

– Your brand Page posts are seen clearly in your audience’s mobile news feed

Why will your brand reach more customers with Facebook Mobile?

75% of the world population owns mobile devices. In the US, half of phone subscriptions are for smartphones. Facebook has always been a great channel for mobile marketing. But now, with its improved features, it is even more attractive. Unlike in other channels, Facebook is a social platform where people spend a lot of time. 540 plus million people go to Facebook each month and in the US, mobile users hang out in Facebook for an average of 8 hours, monthly.

What can you do with Facebook mobile targeting options?

Mobile targeting options are are as flexible as the desktop options. Facebook mobile ads allows you to do the usual demographic options but in addition to that, there are also targeting options for:

– likes and interests
– relationship status
– connections
– workplace
– activity
– education

Brands can set up campaigns that can be eligible for people’s news feeds and some of those impressions will show up automatically to your mobile audience. There is also a great option for you to further fine-tune your targeting by having your posts go to your mobile audience exclusively just by using the API tools or the Power Editor.

Where will your brand show up?

It does not matter whether you are talking about mobile or desktop, there is no question the news-feed is the most effective place for your brand to engage your audience. Facebook Mobile lets you do just that. For both desktop and mobile, users spend almost 40% of their Facebook time in their news feed. This is why it is more than likely that they will see and engage with your content there. Your brand posts will be clear and visible in the mobile news feeds just as it would be in desktop news feeds.

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Image Courtesy of Fastlane Wireless

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