Matt’s EMSA Presentation Sneak Peak

For those of you who want to know more about Matt’s EMSA presentation, here is a sneak peak video and below is a short summary of his presentation on “Enhancing your email database through social media efforts”.

Matt Forman, Traffika founder and Managing Director, will be a key presenter at EMSA on 18 October, you will need to buy a ticket to see his full presentation where he will explain his topic fully, however, we wanted to share the sneak peak video where he talks about what you will get out of the presentation and have also outlined below a run-down of the highlights.

This is what EMSA says about the event:

“Featuring an outstanding line up of local and international experts, EMSA 2012 is set to set to impress for the 6th year running.

With a program designed to reflect the growing expertise of email marketers in Australia, topics will range from emerging global trends through to improvement and optimisation of campaigns and audience engagement.

Join us to hear from: Zinio, LinkedIn, Salmat IDR, Clemenger BBDO, The Coffee Club, Mercerbell, Parca, PMZ Marketing, Publicis Mojo, QUT, Snappy Sentences, Traffika, Vision6 and XXXX Ale House.”

Matt’s presentation will go in depth on various ways for enhancing email marketing and social media including:

1. How to funnel to social media through email

2. How to build your email data base through social media

3. How to distribute content and what’s the right content strategy for blending social media and email marketing

Email marketing and social media marketing are two different modes that can have similar goals. A lot of people use either just one or the other. Some also use both simultaneously and just basically use the same content for both which is a big mistake.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media distributes content and builds relationships. Because its public media it allows for content to go viral quickly, thus it can grow an iaudience faster. Emails on the other hand are a more personal venue for most people and it is a great place to deepen relationships that already exist.

Social Content is comprised of interesting and entertaining content that is so good it has to be shared and is very appropriate for the platform your audience is on. Aside from being entertaining, it can also be very informative as well as emotive.

Email Content on the other hand is usually highly relevant because it is a highly personalised medium. It is a place great for offering promotions and selling.

 Takeaways From The Presentation:

– Tips, practical implementations and case studies

– How to grow email through email list and vice versa

– Overlaying email data with social media data to create hypertargeted advertising

We hope to see you at the event and if you can’t make it we will do a wrap up of all the top highlights and take aways from the presenters.


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