One Size Fits All With Responsive Web Design

This year, companies are racing towards mCommerce or mobile device commerce website platforms. In the past companies would have their websites redesigned specifically for certain platforms or screen sizes, now there are so many in-between screen sizes that such an approach is becoming questionable. The boom in the market for mobile browsing devices such as smartphones and tablets of all types has people talking about RWD or Responsive Web Design as a solution.

rwdThe Problem

Retailers are under pressure to adapt to the online mobile market and the task for designers and developers to find a better solution has also grown. It takes some time to develop a high converting e-commerce site. But with the new field of mobile commerce, this process is becoming even more expensive and time consuming since the number of platforms out there has grown and this trend shows no sign of stopping.

The Solution is RWD

RWD or responsive web design is a new technology or strategy being developed to find the best ways to display sites on all screen types and devices. It usually starts out with incorporating website elements such as CSS3, media queries, fluid grids, flexible images and videos etc to allow web pages to display on whatever device or platform is available.

With the vast number of tablets, noteboks, e-readers, gaming consoles, smartphones out there and with the varying screen resolution, size, and orientations for each brand and make, the most logical solution is a responsive web design, a website that will fluidly adjust and fit all of these at once.

Another important aspect here that some people might miss is that there is an SEO advantage in the RWD strategy. Of course, Google and other search engines will only see one URL for your site. Hence, building a mobile website that will be optimised for the mobile market will be a redundant effort.

If you are looking for proof of the growth in responsive web design you need only look at the WordPress theme market where every new design touts its responsive credentials.

Responsive web design should now be on your check-list when considering building the website which will be at the core of your digital strategy.

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