PPC Advertising That Does Not Require Keywords

advertising_imageThere’s a stunning new development in online advertising, one that’s missing a key component – keywords.

Search ads such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) utilise keywords as the main element to determine when and where an ad shows up on Google search. But with Google’s new PPC Advertising feature called Dynamic Search Ads, keywords are no longer required.

Dynamic Search Ads simply show ads based on the page’s content. This means advertisers will no longer have to tell Google what keywords their ads are optimising for.

As an advertiser, this new feature is something worth exploring. However, with this type of advertising technology, it will become more important to follow SEO best practices.

How Dynamic Search Ads works

Dynamic Search Ads offers advertisers a whole new way of conveniently customising an ad. According to AdWords’ official page on this development, instead of keywords, Google uses content from website domain to match with searches. All an advertiser needs to do is to tell Google whether the Dynamic Ad should target the entire website or just specific sections of it such as:

  • Pages in specific categories
  • Pages with titles containing specific words
  • Pages with URLs containing specific strings
  • Pages with specific words

With Dynamic Search Ads, Google matches the products or services on your site to relevant searches. Google will automatically generate an ad text headline with a destination URL that leads searchers to your website’s page that matches their enquiry.

The text headlines are automatically put together by combining keywords from the search phrase and from content from the page that matches the search.


Will SEO still play its part?

As a word of caution, although Dynamic Search Ads doesn’t require keywords, your site still needs to be properly optimised for this new system to work. Advertisers must realize that at the heart of all this is SEO. Without the right set of keywords on your pages, the Dynamic Search Ads won’t have any relevant information to display on searches for your site.


Full Control – While Dynamic Search Ad certainly offers convenience and an innovative approach to online advertising, perhaps its biggest advantage is that you are still in full control. By being in control of your ads, you determine the dynamic ad target, the templates, as well as the bids and your budget. You can also still use negative keywords so you can be sure that your ads will not appear with search results that do not meet your conversion goals. And if your product is out of stock, you can sort of instruct Dynamic Search Ads to prevent your ad for that specific product from appearing on search. You will also get the usual reporting that you get from conventional PPC to monitor your ads’ activity and progress.

Same Ranking – Ranking in Dynamic Search Ads is determined by the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid that you’ve selected and the dynamic search ad’s Quality Score, just like with other search ads.

Complements your keyword-based campaigns – When a customer’s search phrase or term matches your keywords, your Dynamic Search Ads won’t be activated. But if the keywords used by searchers are a broad match to your keywords, Google may serve your Dynamic Search Ads. Google will also handle the history of your Dynamic Search Ads independently from your keyword-based ads.


Who will benefit most from Dynamic Search Ads

If you are running an e-commerce site that has a huge number of products or services, the Dynamic Search Ads is for you. With Dynamic Search Ads, you will save a great amount of time since there is no longer a need for keyword mapping. You can also say goodbye to tediously customising an ad for each of your products. Google will take care of determining which among your product pages should be displayed by automatically scanning your pages for relevant searches.

With Dynamic Search Ads, we are seeing the dawn of yet another great innovation in online advertising.

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