PPC Location Targeting Options

Location TargetingThis is a quick – “Did You Know” post where we wanted to highlight Google AdWords Location Targeting.

Advertising is key to any business who wants to make their products and services quickly available and visible to their target market.

So, “Did You Know” that with Google AdWords location targeting you get to promote your services or merchandise in a very specific geographical area.

It is possible to target your ads right down to a particular city, region or wider by selecting a whole country.

You can set and then adjust your location targeting settings at any time using the following methods:

Most countries including Australia have target location options for City and Region levels only. Canada currently has the post code option and the United States is the only country so far who have it on all four levels. We will have to wait and see if they roll out the other options to all countries later on.

This type of targeting is perfect for local businesses that have a restricted service area, therefore your ROI can be improved by excluding clicks from locations beyond your business’s reach. Or on the flip side, if you are able to provide your service or sell your product to a wider audience, this type of targeting can spread the word to a bigger geographical region than you could with local advertising.

To find out about how you can get started with Location Targeting for your PPC Advertising campaign contact us or call 1300 853 597.


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