The 36 Rules Of Social Media Infographic

Social Media RulesWe love this infographic by All Twitter’s Shea Bennett.

A collage of tips and tricks by the leading companies regarding Internet Marketing; GM, Percolate and Kraft Foods etc. Bennett’s infographic sums up the tried and tested rules for social media and it gives us a glimpse of the basic things to focus on in every social media campaign.

This infographic also reminds us what ‘social media marketing faux pas’ to avoid, making it a really helpful guide for everyone leading their brand’s social media presence.

Short, simple, succinct – every rule is presented in a tweet-friendly form so anyone wouldn’t have trouble remembering or sharing them.

Here are some of the key points:

· Witty and interesting content is definitely king.

· If you can’t ‘update the page, delete it.’

· Most of the rules highlight the importance of arousing customer interest by using ‘clever content’ and creative ‘ads to accelerate successful content.’

· It is important to make sure that every page caters to its market because ‘fans own your brand.’

· ‘Paid advertising can scale word of mouth’ but too much selling can make ‘consumer experience go down.’

· ‘Social media is an organism’ so you have to make sure that it has life by ‘encouraging groups to form,’ ‘making it work with traditional media,’ and communicating with your audience: ‘always write back’.

· ‘Having a crisis plan’ is definitely a must; and this usually involves ‘embracing negative content about your brand’ and remembering that ‘not everything will work and that’s fine.’

· Pay attention to your customers. Make sure you ‘solve problems for people who talk about you, even if they don’t address you.’

· But don’t overdo it because ‘if all you do is respond to complaints, that’s all people will send you.’

· Make sure you don’t waste money. ‘Have an ROI.’


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