The Best Social Media Tools

Social Media strategies and campaigns need to be researched during the planning stage and then monitored while it is being implemented and maintained.

Lucky for you, we have listed the best tools for you to do just that. And the best part of it is that these online tools are free!

Wildfire Social Media Monitor

– See how well you are doing

– Find out insights about the growth of your fan base

– You will be able to see the trends for long term as well as short term periods since you have daily tracking

– Compare your stats with your industry competitors

– Has a system that alerts you of relevant trends



– Empowers marketing agents to track, observe and reply in real-time to related social mentions and discussions

– You will be able to check, tune in, reply and engage all in one system



– Keep track and publish numerous social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and now G+!

– Generate personalised research from more than 30 unique review components in order to show to customers and co-workers

– Monitor brand sentiment, fans expansion, as well as combine Facebook Insights along with Google analytics


Social Mention

– Collects user produced material into one handy thread of information

– Track and evaluate what folks assert about your brand or product, in real-time

– Keeps track of more than one hundred social websites



– Best place for tracking stats in Twitter

– Gives you statistics for millions of users’ Twitter habits

– Provides buttons and widgets for your own site to display Twitter Visitor and follower stats



– Provides the {latest|newest} tweets, reports, video clips, {photos|pics}, on any given topic

– Lets you make your own site for your topic



– Provides exact info of your social circle via unique search categories

– Know what makes up your social circle, where they live, what language they use, and their Twitter habits



– Designed to help you know how to much influence you exude

– Can help you find the biggest influencers for particular topics


Now, of course there are several other things you need for a successful social media campaign. Namely, you need to be able to find material for fresh content as well as find a platform to publish them. So we have also listed here some of the best and free tools to get the job done.


For finding new content, you can use some of these solid tools which you can re-purpose for your use:

– Bo.It

– Trap.It



– Stock.xchng (free images)

– (aggregates images via categories)

– (great search engine for videos)



For actually publishing the fresh content that you just found you can use the following:

– (the best in the market)





Let us know what Social Media tools you use and love?

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