The War on Free Clicks [Infographic]

The infographic below from The Wordstream Blog is really interesting since it outlines the battle between paid advertising (PPC) versus free clicks (SEO).

Ever wanted to know which one you should invest your money in? The infographic gives us insiders tips about which horse to bet on.

A lot of people think that no one clicks on the paid advertising in Google. But the infographic starts by telling us that in truth, 64 percent of all clicks from high commercial intent keywords come from paid ads! This means that those valuable keywords that would most likely lead to sales conversion are mostly dominated by PPC.

Organic clicks still rank high overall of course, however, the infographic refers to surveys which tell just how effectively PPC ads capture traffic from those searching for specific products or services.

Here are some of its key points:

– Paid ads are are getting more clicks as they now take up 85.2% of the above-the-fold space in the Google search results page.

– Total click through rates for Google ads are more than 600 times higher than for ads on Facebook.

– Free clicks are becoming more expensive. Before, you only needed one SEO specialist. Now you need an SEO specialist, a blog or content writer and a social media expert for your SEO campaign. Or you can partner with Traffika to do it for you :-)

– Google is providing more options for ad packages. People can now use PPC for highly targeted niches.

All in all, it concludes that the battle between paid clicks and free clicks is still ongoing and there is no clear winner. However, it is clear that paid clicks is steadily gaining ground for targeted keywords.

War On Free Clicks Infographic

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