What Happens Online in 1 Day Infographic

a_day_in_the_internet.jpgHave you ever wondered just what happens in the internet everyday? If so, then the quirky infographic below from MBAOnline.com will give you all the answers.

Apparently, the internet is not just a weird and magical place of lol cats and rainbow unicorns, billions of people use it everyday for so many things. It is actually quite surprising how many things happen online in the space of 24 hours.

This can be useful information for those who want to find out the online habits of people in social media. These statistics will definitely help you judge just how powerful social media can be for your business.

 Here are some of the statistics of one day online at a glance:

  • We use information worth a hundred sixty-eight MILLION DVDs
  • Emails each day sent is about 294 BILLION. This amounts to 2 years equivalent in traditional mail terms.
  • There are two MILLION blog posts which is worth 770 years of piled up Time Magazines
  • There are 172 MILLION people who go to Facebook
  • There are 40 MILLION people who log in to Twitter
  • People cumulatively burn 4.7 BILLION minutes on Facebook
  • There are 532 MILLION statuses published on Facebook
  • 250 MILLION photographs are uploaded on Facebook
  • Netflix plays 22 MILLION hours worth of videos
  • YouTube gets 864,000 hours of newly uploaded videos
  • Pandora plays 18.7 MILLION hours worth of music
  • Apps creators make available 1288 new apps for iPhones

So there you have it. If you want a clearer idea of just how billions of people spend their time in a regular day, then scroll down. It will most likely surprise you.



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