SMX Melbourne Insights [Podcast E11]


A summary of what was discussed is below for those who prefer to read than listen.

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PPC Highlights And Main Takeaways:

  • The news that Twitter is now starting online advertising in the US which will surely create a big impact
  • PPC should be seen in terms of overall health
  • Run PPC campaigns broken down into content devices all separately to also understand more
  • Break down your report and comparison view as much as you can to help you understand what is working and why

Favourite Speaker:

Simon, the head of search at Ikon Communications is Manesh’s favourite speaker. Simon talks about maximising enterprise client campaigns and the challenges that agencies face when talking to big enterprises. The lesson here is that you need to understand the different levels of each person that you are talking to. Right from the online marketing manager up to the CEO – they all have different questions you need to answer in your report. Its all about knowing the questions and answering them even before they are asked.

Trend Predictions:

PPC and social media networks are on the rise. This is true especially with the introduction of Twitter advertising. Bigger exposure and more search network expansions are happening.

Mobile Organic Search Tips:

Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Google prefers site that easily cater for different screen sizes having a responsive design. To optimize for mobile, it is best to break down everything and understand how your audience browse while on the go or even at home. The more insight that can be gathered from this, the easier to pinpoint what needs focus.


SEO Highlights and Main Takeaways:

  • There were rich discussion around SEO issues regarding Penguin and Panda update recovery.
  • High quality is needed now more than ever along with links to good content.
  • One tip that is being talked about everyone is that you should have a content marketing strategy and should not just rely on backlinks.
  • Google wants to see your effort to actually recover.
  • You shouldn’t just panic and remove all your links at once.
  • Start with the bad links, submit to Google, then remove other links again, re-submit, rinse and repeat.

Favourite Presenters:

Richard Baxter from SEO gadget talks about making actionable data from Google webmaster tools. Stephen Croome, head of SEO Gadget is also another great presenter who gives us the above insight about Panda and Penguin recovery.

Trend Prediction:

Social is on the rise. Yelp, and Pinterest are key. Pinterest is young but is good to utilise especially for the female market. Yelp is now also relevant since the new Apple iOS is changing from Google maps to Yelp.

Mobile Organic Search Tips:

Sites should be more intrinsically relevant to mobile. For example, the phone number should not be an image and should be clickable. The info on the mobile version itself should also be relevant. And It is still very important to optimise for traditional SEO.

Some online services that you can use to display and test your website for mobile are below (apologies for giving the incorrect url in the podcast).

Check how your site displays on mobile with
Build a mobile version of your website with


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