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Make sense of the data that underpins your digital business and optimise your online performance

Google Analytics Certified Partner | TraffikaYour digital world is full of data. Some visible, some not. Much of it is meaningless and little of it is immediately useful and mission-ready to make a real difference in your business. That’s where we come in.

Traffika’s Google Certified Analytics Specialists are a rare breed of data warriors. We make sense of your web and social media data, configuring Google Analytics in the right way to deliver performance measures directly relevant to your business.

Your Intelligence Dashboard presents this business critical information transparently. This allows you to predict, inform and plan, converting data into actions that improve your overall business performance.

Data Analytics Onion

Our range of Analytics solutions include:

The Traffika Edge

At Traffika, we like that old carpenter’s adage, “Measure twice, cut once’, but we take it to a new level. We measure constantly, and we focus on the metrics that will actually help you to achieve your objectives.  As these change over time we adapt the analytics.

We start with your business objectives and your online business strategy and use them to configure your Intelligence Dashboard. This give you a crystal clear view of all the metrics that matter which easily convert into actions that improve conversions and drive business outcomes.

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