Facebook Advertising

Use the power of Facebook Advertising to build your audience and increase brand awareness

To get the most out of advertising on Facebook you need to turn the art of successful influence into a measurable science.

The real power of Facebook advertising comes from hyper targeting who your ad is displayed to. Geographic and demographic information, as well as the preferences and likes the user has attached to their Facebook profile all contribute. The exciting thing is that this type of targeting gives you an unprecedented level of advertising relevancy.

Traffika has a deep understanding of all the possibilities offered by Facebook’s advertising solutions, and a proven, scientific approach that will meet and exceed your performance measures.

Facebook Advertising

Our range of Facebook Advertising solutions include:

  • Facebook Advertising Strategy
  • Facebook Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Sponsored Page Posts
  • Facebook Likes Campaign
  • Facebook App or Event Advertising
  • Facebook Competition Campaigns


The Traffika Edge

The Traffika Results Team are at the forefront of understanding how to build an audience and deliver results from social media advertising that go beyond the social platform. Results that meet and exceed your business objectives while adding relevance and authority to your website and other online strategies.

Our unique frameworks and diagnostics deliver rigorous control and measurement. You receive critical social media data through your custom Intelligence Dashboard removing all subjectivity. This empowers smart marketing, accurate predictions and confident decision making for unmatched ROI.

If you want to learn more about the different Facebook Advertising Options, check out our blog post on the topic to provide a good understanding of the different types of ads you could potentially utilise as part of your Social Media Advertising strategy.

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