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In close collaboration with our Google partners we have again made a strategic pivot in order to remain best positioned to drive successful outcomes for our clients.  As of April 1st 2019 Datisan and Traffika have merged into a single force, unifying our capability across Cloud, Martech and Audience activation for our clients to grow revenue, improve customer experience, increase ROI from marketing and CX, gain sustainable competitive advantage.

See the Datisan website to find out more about what this means for our clients and our unique offering.


If You…

Worry that data-driven marketing is too complex.
Are afraid or uncertain about data and its use.
Are overwhelmed with the choice of options.

We Can…

Build your confidence, by simplifying.
Make sense of your data.
Clarify your direction and give it meaning.

What we do

Founded in 2009 on the simple belief that data carries the future of marketing, we consult and work within interdisciplinary teams by giving meaning to the patterns in their marketing data. We then transform those insights, into impactful strategies and concepts that are understandable, touchable and real.

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Brands we’ve worked with

We work with B2B and B2C pioneers, changemakers and creators who want to use their data wisely – to challenge convention, make an impact or leave a legacy.

Lorna Jane

Our services

We’re digital experts – who transform big data and human insights, into impactful marketing that has both meaning and measurement.

Our Successes

Discover how we've helped our clients create meaningful and measurable impacts, by melding digital, data and technology.

Our Expertise

By understanding the patterns in your marketing data, we use it to define goals, recognise trends and make smart decisions.

Our Story

We are: Curious. Connected. Adaptive. Experimenters. Who are data-driven, yet meaningfully founded.

Exactly what is data-driven marketing?

It’s based around experiments, not campaigns. We marry the variables in your marketing stack to data-driven techniques, so you can test, measure, learn and optimise your impacts. And then? That allows you to focus your activities on approaches that are already proven, to work.

We’re paying it forwards

We openly share our industry knowledge, to make a positive difference in people’s business growth.

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