Be part of something, not an employee – our culture feeds our passion for work

When you work at Traffika, you join a family of like-minded souls, not a company. We’re passionate about what we do, how we do it, but most importantly… why we do it.

That’s what makes us great.

Why work here?

That’s hard to answer quickly. But we’ll give it a go:

  • We’re curious, adaptive and love thinking big.
  • It’s a place that our people love coming to.
  • Our seven core values inspire us each day.
  • We empower our people and inspire one another.
  • We stretch ourselves to reach further. And do it. Every. Time.

How do we work?

To give you a hint, we’re all about culture, community and being connected. Our people are as important as our clients. We won’t treat you like a number – you’re a real person, with real skills and personality. And to be honest, that’s what we really want to know about, because if it all goes well… we’ll be spending many, many years together.

Our culture and values

Since our earliest days, we’ve worked hard to build a sense of belonging. Our culture takes lot of people by surprise (in a good way), as does our passion for helping, teaching, sharing and being the best at whatever we do. They’re our secret strengths.

Current Roles

Client Strategy Director

The position of Client Strategy Director (CSD) is responsible for developing effective strategies that deliver on clients..

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Can't see your role?

Get in touch anyway! We're always looking to meet new people for full-time, part-time and freelance roles.

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Cool Stuff

We do some cool stuff as a team. As well as making friends, having a laugh and creating digital campaigns that cause deep ripples… we love a BBQ lunch together, having a walking meeting and we’re a little competitive when it comes to ping pong and darts. So be warned!

What else? We’re forever hunting down new ways to nurture our culture and genuinely love helping each other live our ‘best’ lives. You’re guaranteed to work with a great bunch of people that you want to share a drink with and who have your back when it comes to helping you succeed. Sound perfect? Great.

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Meet our people and leaders

We’re a community of business makers, from all backgrounds and levels of expertise.