Our People

We're a community of business makes, from all backgrounds and levels of expertise

We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors or withholding information.

We stand for transparency, connectivity and synergy.

We’re adamant that everything works better when it works together.


And together, we achieve what others can’t.

Because we can.

But as much as we love data, we don’t just rely on machine learning. The most powerful force in our work, is our people, and their thinking.

Together, we have an intuitive feel for balancing structured and unstructured data with human insights, feeling and intelligence. Equipped with that, we make sense of complexity and deliver meaningful impacts across an omni-channel world.

Collectively, we’re connected.

Our Leaders

Brent Lupton


On the outside, Brent’s calm, easy going and approachable. Inside however, it’s another story. Strategic, penetrating and thoughtful, you slowly realise that while he’s been talking to you, his mind has quietly turned over ideas, opinions and insights… and reshaped them to suit the customer challenge at hand – even down to the details of execution.

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Matt Forman


A quiet storm of forward motion, ideas and outlier behaviour. That’s how most people would describe our Founder, Matt Forman, even after a brief encounter.

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Glenn Badke

Group Chief Financial Officer

Everyone knows a Glenn. He’s our Yoda – the source of wisdom about absolutely anything, from sports to the stock market.

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Belinda Forman

Group People & Culture

Genuine, approachable and encouraging. Next, you realise why she’s so good at bringing the right people together to form our dream-big, achieve-big teams.

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We are always looking for incredible talent in full-time, part-time and freelance capacity.

Brands We've Worked With

We work with B2B and B2C pioneers, changemakers and creators who want to use their data wisely – to challenge convention, make an impact or leave a legacy.