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Who are data-driven, yet meaningfully founded

From the beginning, our approach has been original.

We grounded our model in evolving, testing and refining, instead of re-treading well-worn marketing paths – making sure we never stood still. We sat close to our clients, becoming their consultative friend… and have never been thought of as an agency. And wherever we’ve been, we’ve carried our values with us, therefore giving them life beyond the page.

Those three fundamentals remain unchanged. But our digital landscape has changed.

Founded in 2009, on the dual beliefs that data was the future of marketing and experiments trump campaigns, we’ve since been intuitively exploring the data-driven terrain.

Born in a spare bedroom, we’ve grown into our name and never once applied old rules to new mediums. Instead, we’ve tested novel ideas, failed fast (sometimes) and tried harder (always)… each time, with more machine smarts and human-touch, built in.

Slowly, we’ve been unlocking the power of our data-driven world and with each iteration, have progressively delivered more meaningful impacts and outcomes for our clients.

We’ve helped them grow. That’s work, that we’ll never rest from…


Our Path So Far...


Brands like Amazon, eBay and Google are paving the way for other businesses to grow via the internet. As a serial digital entrepreneur, network engineer and international software trainer, our founder Matt Forman, had the foresight to connect the disruptive influence of the internet, with the opportunity for businesses to grow via new platforms and digital avenues.


Fascinated by the intersection of strategy, marketing and tech, Matt launches a first-mover online training platform. Although the user experience of web 1.0 limited its possibilities and long-term future, the platform was undoubtedly way ahead of its time. It also provided valuable business and marketing lessons, that were used in subsequent endeavours.


Working within traditional business, Matt focuses his attention on building e-commerce capabilities and digital marketing effectiveness for numerous national and international brands.


Once again Matt identifies an early opportunity and launches a broad-based social network for online gamers. Its long-term future was hampered by market contractions resulting from the GFC, but the network produced key learnings on business model scalability – that went on to be used in establishing the successful model for Traffika.


Born in a spare bedroom, Traffika’s approach is centred on helping clients grow their business through search marketing and optimisation, primarily via Google AdWords and SEO. By approaching it holistically from a business angle, rather than purely a tech or marketing view, the business organically grows and expands.


With the deepening of web 2.0, Traffika expands its service offering to incorporate social networking and helps clients build deeper engagement with their customers.


During the 2014 year, Traffika added its Data Analytics practice, that’s based around Google Analytics. We attained our enterprise partnership with Google, for Google Analytics 360 and expanded our client portfolio to include more large-scale, enterprise companies looking to break into and shape the digital landscape of their marketplaces.


Using our Digital Business Generation methodology, Traffika creates integrated digital solutions that are strategy led, customer centric, and data driven.


Intent on staying ahead of the curve, Traffika focuses its inherent talents to ensure the best outcomes for its clients – through marketing that has both meaning and measurement.

Brands We've Worked With

We work with B2B and B2C pioneers, changemakers and creators who want to use their data wisely – to challenge convention, make an impact or leave a legacy.

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