12 Top Traffika Blogs from 2012

December 13, 2012

Because Christmas is upon us soon (seems like it’s already upon our credit cards) we have decided to put Social Santa on call and ask him to bring a big present to all our followers, whether they have been naughty or nice.

Over the next few weeks we will be recapping the year that was at Traffika by republishing our most popular content from each month. So catch up on your reading and get all the best digital topics under your Christmas tree!

> January was an interesting month as Traffika moved into a new home at sunny, beautiful, Mooloolaba. Unfortunately distracted by the sun and the waves our blog went a little quiet.

> February saw Facebook announcing one of the biggest changes it would make to its social platform, Facebook timeline. We covered what this meant for business pages here – http://traf.kr/Rkci5r

> In March resident conversion rate optimisation expert Lindsey delivered her 4 top tips for goal setting, a great read for anyone operating an e-commerce store – http://traf.kr/Q9wF0V

> April saw major changes to Google with the Penguin update, Head of SEO and Content, Ed, wrote a major blog outlining all the changes. If you still aren’t aware its a great time to catch up – http://traf.kr/IkHf4M

> In May Ed did another major update on the ‘New Google’ including what the changes meant for businesses, a timeless read explaining all the new major google features including google+ and google authorship – http://traf.kr/KiU2ka

> June was an exciting month as Traffika hosted our Digital Rethink event. The event is aimed at identifying key trends in business and presenting leading insights from subject matter experts to a select audience. The event recap podcast is available here – http://traf.kr/TOrZ3S

> In July resident SEM (Search engine marketing) expert Manesh presented a generous blog post surrounding remarketing with dynamic display ads – http://traf.kr/NND81o

> August saw a great recap from social media student Anrich, about Pinterest and how to leverage this exciting new platform for your business – http://traf.kr/SnqIBW

> In September Sean, Traffika’s Social Media Marketing guru, discovered a great infographic showing the 36 rules of social media, a must-bookmark for any social media manager – http://traf.kr/PPCCPX

> October presented a very exciting moment for traffika, a merger with Data Metriks, a data analytics consultancy. This expanded Traffika’s capability to deliver diamonds-in-the-rough insights to clients from the wealth on data available from digital channels – http://traf.kr/QLOhOt

> In November Ed brought us a critical update on Google attacking low-quality exact match domains, a good read if your exact match domain has suffered a hit in SERP’s – http://traf.kr/RzlQVF

> Finally ending on a fun note, in December Sean brought us a great post on the 6 Ways to spice up your online content with images – http://traf.kr/RAXT3b

There you go, a wish list of Traffika content delivered in your stocking over the next 12 days without the need to pay us in milk and cookies! Merry early Christmas!