Customer-Centric Marketing & Measurement

August 15, 2016
Matt Forman

One of the keys to any successful business is remaining focused on your customers. This stretches from the actual products you sell, to your bricks and mortar customer service and your digital user experience, but why should it stop there?

More and more, smart digital marketers are shifting their focus from campaign-centric marketing and measurement to a customer-centric integrated marketing strategy.

In our previous blog we focused on the importance of Multi-Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics to better understand how each channel contributes to a conversion in it’s own way. But let’s take a step back and consider how customers interact with individual channels throughout their user journey to better understand the important role they play.

Below is an example of a Customer Journey for James, a 22-year-old elite university runner and an aspiring Olympian. The example follows James as he makes his way from Awareness to Advocacy.


What this example highlights is that it isn’t until stage 5 when James reads a study on performance runners that he feels confident enough to make a purchase. Does this mean the AdWords campaign at stage 2 or the Facebook Campaign at stage 3 should be switched off? Of course not, but it isn’t until we understand the Customer Journey and Persona that we can really start to take a customer-centric approach to our marketing activity rather than simply a campaign focus.

Looking at your Multi-Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics highlights this path once it has occurred, but the real trick is in understanding your Personas so well that you can implement integrated marketing strategies that actually meet them at each touch point and guide them through the journey to purchase. Check out our Epic Guide To Integrated Digital Marketing to find out more.

How are your Personas looking? Have you fully fleshed out your Personas to the point where you know how they think, how they act and can almost predict their next move? The following eBook is a great guide to creating local customer personas from Hearis to help get you started.

Have a strategy that works for you? We’d love to hear it! Tell us how you guide your customers through the journey from Awareness to Advocacy.