What will Digital Marketing look like in 2019?

December 20, 2018
Caroline Sheahan

In our last working week for the 2018…

we’ve gathered our digital marketing experts and put their brains to work. We asked them what the next year will look like for digital marketing, so read on for their predictions!

“Artificial Intelligence to make its Mark on Marketing” – Brent Lupton, CEO

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence (AI) wilI move beyond being a popular buzzword and become a true engine for change in the marketing space. While we will see continued growth and use across other technologies like voice search and chatbots, AI will be the mediator between this and marketing. AI can interpret data to shape how we engage audiences, drive business growth and set the new benchmark in marketing ROI. Overall, brands will embrace more automation and this will drive both efficiencies in their campaigns along with more personalised Customer Experience (CX).

“Brands adapt their Content for Voice Search” – Emily Vernon, Group Marketing Manager

It’s undoubted that in the next couple of years we’ll see less screen and touch interaction with digital devices and voice activated technologies will become the norm. Siri, Google, Alexa (etc..) all increase our ability to multi-task and help us to gain time back from the slog of typing and texting, but what impact will this have on digital marketing? Voice ad space will become a thing, like Google AdWords for your home voice assistant as well as copy and content being optimised for voice commands – to name a couple. Watch this space, your 2019/2020 marketing strategy will include a voice strategy component.

“Digital and Real worlds collide” – Liam Griffiths, Client Strategy Director

Next year will see the convergence of digital and the real worlds continue to escalate. With devices that people use every day like smartphones having Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities or Virtual Reality (VR) headsets , the line between digital and real is set to become even more blurry. These technologies are presenting huge opportunities for digital marketers and brands to reach and engage with their customers in an entirely different way – so keep an eye on the race to capitalise on AR and VR.

“Video dressed for the occasion” – Matt Forman, Founder

Video has been on the up and up for the past decade but gone are the days of repurposing the same content across multiple channels. Consumers are savvy when it comes to what they want from video content in order to engage with it – they are bombarded with messaging all day and their attention has to be fought for. While short form video and live video will still be huge, the rise of (newer) longer form content platforms like Instagram TV (IGTV) and Facebook Watch will see marketers and brands investing in curating their video content specific to where it’s being shown.

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