How to Connect With Customers in Moments of Relevancy

July 31, 2015
Matt Forman

In every stage of the customer journey, there’s a moment of relevancy; one fleeting instant in which your customer decides whether or not you are relevant to them.

Each of these intent-driven moments is a critical opportunity to address your customer’s needs in real-time, to provide them with a tailored experience, and to help them progress to the next stage of their journey.

Using an example from a fictitious company we created called Burst, we’ll explore how you can connect with your customers at the most pivotal moments, at each stage of the Marketing Cycle™.


Recap: What is the Marketing Cycle™?

The Marketing Cycle™ is the natural progression a customer takes when exploring your brand, starting as an unaware prospect and growing into an advocate of your brand’s story, products and services.

This process is made up of 6 distinct stages, as detailed below:


To explore the Marketing Cycle™ in more detail, check out our Traffika TV video.

Introducing Burst

Burst is a family-owned business founded by Farmer Bob that sells organic, sustainable juices. The products are sourced, produced and distributed from a family farm. The packaging is made out of recyclable materials and is 100% biodegradable. 10% of every sale is donated to an environmental charity. The brand promise is “a feel good burst of vitality.”



Moment of relevancy: Your customer is only just becoming aware of who you are and what you do, so you need to give them a reason to stick around and learn more. The moment of relevancy in this stage is about appealing to their emotions so they feel a connection to your brand.

How to connect: Tap into your customers emotions through your messaging and brand promise. The best way to do this is through a visual medium like videos or images.

Example: Burst knows that their customers value their health, wellness, and overall well-being. To grow and expand awareness, they promote their Facebook page with an ad that displays their brand promise:



Moment of relevancy: Now that you have your customer’s attention, the moment of relevancy becomes peaking their interest around what makes your product the ideal choice for them. This is where you bring in your back story and your unique point of difference.

How to connect: Storytelling becomes critical for maintaining your customer’s interest. Take them through a journey, give them insight into what makes your product or brand unique and leave them wanting more! A great placement for your story is your homepage, “about us” page or any other place where your customers might be looking for more information about your company.

Example: Burst knows their customers are interested in environmental sustainability and organic food; two things that are integral to their brand story.

To harness interest, Burst shares the following story on their website:

Image 2 - The Story of Burst



Moment of relevancy: Here’s where things really start to heat up! The point has come where your customer realises they want or need your product, so the moment of relevancy is providing them with a solution as quickly as possible.

How to connect: The most effective way to present your solution is by linking it to a personal benefit that appeals to their emotions. What will they get out of it? How can you make it even more desirable?

Example: Burst creates and shares this 15 second Instagram video highlighting their benefit statement:


Moment of relevancy: Now we’ve come to the most precise moment of all- the “near me” moment. This occurs when your customer is looking for either your product/service or a similar one nearby. It becomes absolutely essential that your brand is present and can offer them what they want, when they want it.

In these moments, consumers aren’t just getting information, they’re making decisions and often heading straight to stores. – Google

How to connect: Make sure that your social media is optimised with your location details, maps, and a strong offer. Also ensure your website is easy to navigate things like directions, inventory and pricing. Run display ads on websites that your customers are browsing on to entice them further. Increase location based bidding and use location extensions to show more relevant information about your product/service/store.

Example: Burst reviews their website to ensure their juice selections, pricing and nutritional information is easy and quick for customers to find. They increase their bidding around terms like “organic juice near me”, “juice bars,” and “juice bars near me” to make sure they’re found when people are looking for them.

Then through some rigorous data research, they discover that many of their customers are searching on their mobile phones for juices when they’re on their way to grab breakfast and lunch. This prompts Burst to 1) ensure their site is mobile friendly, 2)enable click-to-call ads to make it easy for people to call and inquire and 3)run the following display ad across popular websites:



Moment of relevancy: If you’ve successfully connected with your audience at each of the previous four moments of relevancy, then by now you’ve made yourself some customers. Your focus now is on creating loyalty. The moment of relevancy in this stage is all about building on their positive past experience with your brand.

How to connect: Use social media to connect with your customers on a more personal level as this can help create trust and build loyalty. One way to do this is by building custom audiences on Facebook, comprised of customers who you want to nurture through the loyalty stage. You can run special offers just for them, like a coupon for their next purchase or an invite to join your loyalty club.

If you want to get even more relevant, you can run mobile ads for location-based custom audiences on Facebook when they are in your area!

Example: Burst cleans up their social media and makes sure it’s easy for their fans and customers to share their posts, check in and tag themselves. Then they retarget their customers with the following ad:



Moment of relevancy: The moment of relevancy in the advocacy stage plays on the customer’s enthusiasm for your brand. Take advantage of the moment when they’re celebrating their purchase, as an opportunity to thank them and make them feel values.

get them to advocate the brand in that moment of relevance when theyre bursting with joy from their delicious sustainable juice. Instagram hashtag campaign – Capture moments of relevance. I bought something it tastes amazing do a selfie to capture #burstwithjoy

How to connect: Advocacy thrives on social media, so run campaigns that encourage your fans to share their positive experiences. Tip: Be subtle in the way you ask for feedback, as posts and campaigns that are too brand-focused may disrupt the user experience on social media.

Example: Burst runs an Instagram campaign asking their customers to share photos of themselves bursting with joy, using the hashtag “#burstingwithjoy”.



As you can see from our Burst example, knowing how to connect with your customers at different stages of the Marketing Cycle, and understanding how various digital channels play a role at each one, can help you design an engagement strategy with results bursting off the charts!

I’m curious: Which moment of relevancy do you find is hardest to connect with your customer? Leave me your thoughts below!