How to Determine Social Media ROI [Infographic]

August 20, 2012

successandfailureDo you want to know how to determine the ROI from your Facebook and Twitter marketing efforts?

This handy infographic from Invent Help shows us how.

According to the infographic, 73% of CEOs do not trust marketers and believe marketers have no business credentials, plus 77% of CEOs think marketers avoid talking about the most important thing: sales. But of course if you can provide them an accurate measurement of their ROI from Social Media, then you have a good shot at proving them wrong.

The graphic says the key is to use Google Analytics’ Social Value to correlate your Social Media traffic with Sales or Conversions. It shows various possible results and analyzes each one for effectiveness.

It also shows some interesting examples of how Twitter and Facebook has boosted sales for various companies:

There is also some research as to why people connect with brands which gives you some great ideas on how you can get more fans in Facebook and followers in Twitter.