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May 9, 2012

Our previous Pinterest Blog got a lot of attention, and Pinterest in general is ‘so hot right now’. So we decided to do a follow up blog post aimed at providing you with some useful links to help you get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about.In this post we will be highlighting some great brand examples, introducing you to some useful tools as well as providing you some ideas on how to launch your brand on Pinterest and how to take full advantage of this exciting new platform.

Who’s Who on Pinterest

After all if Barack Obama is on Pinterest why wouldn’t you be? Not a fan of Barack’s policies? What about these celebrities? Otherwise who are the most followed pinners?

Some Brand examples

There are various brands that have already started taking advantage of the growing popularity of Pinterest. Some great examples include fashion house Calypso St. Barth, who employed the fourth most followed pinner in the world, Christine Martinez, who live-pinned one of their fashion shows. U by Kotex should also be commended for building an entire advertising campaign around Pinterest; putting together gift boxes based on users pinboards. Here are some other brands that have also done great things.

Useful tools

There are various tools you can use to help analyse and manage your pinfluence. Some simply make the task of finding content and pinning it easier, others actually provide analytics support or help you gauge your brand awareness, or campaign performance, on Pinterest.

  1. PinReach; this tool allows you to “understand activity, measure impact, gauge success”.
  2. Snapito; allows you to take full length screenshots of websites, in order to pin them on Pinterest.
  3. Pin A Quote; allows you to pin selected text to your pinboards.
  4. Pinstamatic; this is simply a tool allowing you to manage content and add certain things which you may not normally be able to pin including; a quote or message in the form of a sticky note, a website screenshot, a twitter profile, a calendar date.
  5.; helps you share a website on Pinterest.
  6. Pinpuff; allows you to calculate your pinfluence – “that is your influence, reach and virality”.
  7. Pinerly; Pinerly allows you to track your pins performance as well as schedule pins.
  8. SpinPicks; Spinpicks searches through various image boards to provide you with inspiration and content for your pinboards.
  9. WiseStamp Pinterest Email App; This app allows you to place a ‘follow me on Pinterest’ button at the end of your emails.

Our pick would have to be Pinerly. As always any tool helping to measure the success of social media activities is greatly appreciated as it helps businesses manage their time and gauge the level of engagement around their posts, or in this case pins. See the infographic provided by Pinerly below;

For a more general overview on how to measure influence on Pinterest and the importance of this see social CRM agency neoco’s blog.Tips

There are various strategies you can employ to help increase the success of your brands launch on Pinterest. Already a pinner, and wondering how you can get the most out of it for your brand?

If you are looking for more great tips, as well as another explanation of what Pinterest is all about check out Hubspot’s ultimate Pinterest guide.

More info

Want some more proof of the importance of the social network? Or want to better understand what it’s about and how marketers are using it?

What is your top tip for using Pinterest, we would love to hear your comments?