Sharpen Your Success

June 4, 2018
Brent Lupton

Over my 19 years in the digital space I’ve seen many different industry buzzwords float around. Big Data, Mobile first, Digital Transformation, and Data Driven Marketing to name a few.

Even though these have all been thrown around as buzzwords, all of these terms have had an impact on the industry and how we effectively engage our customers and clients if understood and applied with a strong strategic framework.

Most recently it’s been Digital Transformation and Data Driven Marketing that have been the terms winning LinkedIn bingo for most over used terms.

Understanding marketing data and fusing it with strategic expertise to deliver meaningful impacts (Data Driven Marketing) has been part of the Traffika offering since the very beginning.

But what does Data Driven Marketing mean?

If your running Facebook ads and optimising further campaigns based on your quantitative data then this is technically Data Driven Marketing. But is this the whole picture of your data, does this give you the complete view of the conversation that your customers are looking to have with your brand?

I was thinking about this tonight while preparing a roast dinner for the family (yes I know that’s sad thinking about Data Driven Marketing while preparing dinner). When I started cutting into the potatoes the knife I was using was blunt, even though I was still able to cut it was much harder work to get the result I was seeking. Once I sharpened the knife the job of cutting the potatoes was more successful and faster. With Data Driven Marketing we also need to sharpen the knife to get a better result and by this I mean having a complete picture of your customer data in order to gain the insights to form a complete strategy for customer engagement.

This brings me to Digital Transformation. In many cases brands investing heavily in Digital Transformation quite often end up with digital replacement, i.e. new platforms that in isolation do a great job at what they are designed to do but without the data fabric tying them together the complete Marketing Ecosystem cannot be accessed.

Connecting the full ecosystem will allow brands to access the full picture of their customer and the ability to form a strategy for meaningful engagement

So the next time you hear these terms thrown around think about what you need to do to deliver a Marketing Transformation and sharpen your success.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you deliver Marketing Transformation for your brand contact Traffika today.