[Video] What is the Digital Business Revolution?

October 6, 2015

The Digital Business Revolution is transforming businesses, industries and entire economies. But in the face of all this change, the only question is whether you’ll adapt or fall behind.

In this series, we’ll introduce you to the Digital Business Revolution and 7 barriers that could be preventing you from participating in it.


G’day guys, Matt here for Traffika TV. This week I’m really excited to talk about something that’s dear to my heart and that is the Digital Business Revolution.

Now we’ve all heard about the digital revolution and it’s been marching on for decades now. One thing I think is important in the context for how to understand this, is how it’s impacting now just businesses but economies and entire countries.

So this week and for the rest of this series, we’re gonna be talking about how you can adapt to this change and really thrive and prosper in this new world.

So one of the trends that’s really been driving this whole revolution is data. Now we’ve all heard these massive stats on data; 90% of all the data in the entire world has been generated in the last 2 years. There’s predictions that number is going to double every year from now on.

There’s massive advancements in technology, in the ways that this data can be stored and processed- they call it compute power. And what that means is really smart people and scientists and little geeks in their little dens, are writing smart algorithms that can actually automate insights out of this data.

So that’s really driving new ideas and new innovation in business, and that’s what’s driving business growth.

Now one of the challenges with this is it’s happening at an increasingly rapid pace. So you either get on board and learn how to adapt to this or you’re gonna get left behind.

Out of all these changes, there are 7 barriers whether they are real or perceived, and our research has identified what those 7 barriers are.

We’re going to talk about those over the upcoming episodes, and the good news is if you can adopt to those barriers, your business is going to thrive. Unfortunately if you don’t adapt, well, that’s where you’re going to fall behind.

So if you can make those changes and adapt your business to overcome some of those barriers, then you’ll be able to take advantage of all this new technology and new innovation, and thrive and prosper in the digital business revolution.

So join us next week, we’re going to talk about each of the 7 barriers and until next time, stick this in your browser and search it:

Adapting to Change in the Digital Business Revolution.