Can Dynamic Keyword Insertion Turbo Boost Your Google Adwords Campaign?

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Want to take your Google Adwords campaigns to the next level? Consider Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

So what is Dynamic Keyword Insertion? It is a method used to insert keywords from your keyword list into your display ads. The displayed keyword is the one that triggers your ad when a relevant search is made. Dynamic Keyword Insertion, or DKI, is usually inserted into the ad title, but it can also be used in the ad’s first or second description line. If the keyword is longer than 25 characters, then the default ad text is shown.

Advantages of DKI

1. Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)

Since you are adding keywords that exactly matches search queries or keywords that are very close to search queries, it therefore increases the probability that searchers will click on your ad. This is simply because the searcher will perceive your ads to be more relevant to their search query. The increase in clicks will most certainly increase your click through rate (CTR).

2. Quality Score

An increase in Click Through Rate (CTR) can have a positive impact on your Quality Score. This is simply because DKI increases the relevancy of your ads to your ad groups and combined with a better CTR can potentially help in improving your Quality Score.

3. Simplified Ad Creation

DKI can also help in simplifying and saving you precious time. If you are setting up an account that contains around 200 ad groups, it can be very time consuming to write 200 different ads to match each ad group theme. With the use of DKI you can use the same generic ad in all your ad groups and still be very specific to each ad group theme.

According to a study by, inserting the exact keyword into a paid listing improves CTR by 38% on average.

Although this is convenient, there are disadvantages which can seriously impact your CTR.

Disadvantages of DKI

1. Lower Click Through Rate (CTR)

You should be careful what keywords you add to your ad group when using DKI. For example if your ad Title is “Buy {Keyword} Online” and you are buying the keyword “shorts”. Your ad title will therefore be “Buy Shorts Online”. But if you are buying the keyword “shorts buy” in that case your ad title will be “Buy Shorts Buy Online”. If the ad does not make sense to the searchers, they will not click on it and therefore decrease your CTR which will also affect your Quality Score.

2. DKI Used By Competitors

DKI will not be effective if most of your competitors are using them. If that is the case, you will have to differentiate your ad from your competitors by either not using DKI or by testing various ads with DKI to find out which ad appeals to your target audience.
3. DKI Not Effective For Long Keywords

If all or most of your performing keywords are longer than 25 characters then using DKI will not be effective. This is because every time your ad is triggered only your default text will be shown.

From my personal experience DKI is very effective but only when used appropriately. Some factors to consider when using DKI are:

  • DKI works better with Phrase and Exact Match compared to Broad Match.
  • Make sure all keywords in your ad group will make sense when used in your ads.
  • Test different ads with DKI to know which one performs better e.g. which call to action is more effective
  • If you have many long keywords in your ad group, DKI is not the right tool to use.