Mr. Cool have been leaders in the automotive air conditioning industry for nearly 40 years.

For the past two years, Mr. Cool has suffered a sharp decline in sales and an even bigger hole in their bottom line.

They had tried various SEO companies and web developers to help them deliver leads, but to no avail.

Through a tonne of research we found that a lot of companies were very lost with Google’s algorithms and no one seemed to be able to provide a complete solution or answer on how to increase leads – besides Traffika®.

The Goal

To increase brand awareness, customer enquiries and sales-ready leads.

The Solution

the strategy Traffika® developed focused on:

  • establishing a content marketing strategy
  • producing and publishing social media and website content which met the specific needs of their customers
  • promoting content through online channels such as social media to increase website traffic and new enquiries
  • building a search campaign that ensured they showed up for all of the right terms to capture demand for their services
  • implementing tools on their website to track and measure enquires from digital activity (this included inbound phone call tracking)
    setting up a social media presence
  • executing targeted online advertising to drive traffic and enquires
    implementing website recommendations to improve customer experience to increase the likelihood of a customer enquiry

The Outcome


increase in retail customers


new online enquiries in one month


increase in phone enquiries