Springfree® delivers the world’s safest trampoline in over 15 countries.

After redesigning their website, international retailer Springfree® knew they needed to closely manage their SEO migration to ensure they maintained their search engine rankings and continued to grow sales.

We’ve faced SEO challenges at different stages in the past and this time around we knew that we needed to keep a closer eye on it.

Springfree® was looking for a partner with excellent digital experience and a good working relationship to manage the migration and help improve their SEO performance.

Traffika® was first on the list as they put practices into place to provide solutions and recommendations which are simple, straightforward and easy to implement.

The Goal

In addition to avoiding any SEO performance risks with the launch of their new website, Springfree® also needed to improve their SEO performance with the new website design and information architecture.

The Solution

the strategy Traffika® developed focused on:

  • reviewing the new sitemap and information architecture to determine content and keyword gaps
  • developing a migration strategy that identified risks and provided recommendations to ease negative organic search impacts on the new site
    establishing rankings benchmarks prior to migration, monitoring impacts post migration
  • reviewing website copy and delivering recommendations to provide optimal organic search results
  • providing reports with technical changes and redirections to support the new website and organic search results
  • reviewing the implemented changes on the new website prior to launch
    completing a technical audit once the new site had launched

The Outcome


increase in organic keyword visibility


keywords on page 1


increase in organic searches on mobile devices