The Furniture Trader is a family-owned Melbourne business that has been in the industry for nearly 16 years.

Like many small businesses, The Furniture Trader’s bread and butter was tied up in its retail store with limited customer reach.

No longer a viable strategy in sustaining the future of their business, they launched an online store to broaden their customer base outside of Melbourne.

The competitive world of online retail meant they weren’t appearing on Google for the relevant search terms.

With a decline in in-store sales and the online store not adding value, The Furniture Trader knew they needed help to become a digitally successful business.

If you compare SEO costs to conventional catalogue advertising, we would spend probably about $100,000 on doing two months worth of the catalogues each year, whereas SEO cost us just 5% of that.

The Goal

The Furniture Trader needed to become competitive on search terms to grow online sales and increase foot traffic in-store.

The Solution

the strategy Traffika® developed focused on:

  • optimising user experience to help drive sales both online and in-store
  • content-focused approach to build brand awareness

The Outcome


business growth in the last year


increase in website visits


increase in organic search visits