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What does Traffika Do?


We’ve been doing it since 2009, so we know it’s not just about impressions, clicks and SEO. It’s about partnering with you to understand your business goals, your metrics and using your marketing data to create customer insights that translate into actionable, replicable behaviours.

Be seen. Replicate events. Get results.

The way we work

The Method

We meld the best of human-centred thinking and strategic problem solving with the power, speed and agility of AI and Machine Learning.

The reason

By joining your marketing data to the latest technologies and adding our experience and insights, the optimum outcomes are delivered for your brand.

The Result

Your marketing data is converted into unrivalled customer acquisition growth, engagement increases and revenue multiplications.

Through our key service pillars, we partner with you to determine which data-driven strategies and actions have the highest probability of succeeding and delivering the best results for your marketing.


Your digital future, depends on a strategic plan that uses both measurable + meaningful ways, to realise your digital marketing. We can help with that.

We’ll build you a personalised roadmap – that integrates digital marketing platforms and techniques, with your customer journey insights and understanding – that will:

  • Align your digital activity to your business goals
  • Show what resources are required to deliver your business goals
  • Form an action plan to implement
  • Clarify which channels to prioritise and what sequence to use them
  • Act as a baseline across seven digital disciplines
  • Benchmark your progress

This roadmap, is built around three critical questions:

Q1: Where are you now?

Q2: Where do you want to be?

Q3: How do you get there?


As part of our strategic analysis of your digital present-and-future, we also consider your ability and readiness to manage the tasks ahead.

Are you:

  • Lacking resources in-house?
  • Need to learn a new skill?
  • Or simply want to stay on ahead of the curve?

We offer a variety of training solutions, designed to build you and your teams’ data confidence and empower you with the latest digital skills. If you want to build your in-house capability, we can sit beside you and coach you on how to manage a campaign, or we can do it for you. Our training is tailored to fit your business needs and workload.

Sessions are delivered as: Workshops, Webinars, Onsite, One-to-one, Offsite, Training videos.

Google analytics training

Mentoring and support

Facebook training

Google Adwords training

Content Marketing Solutions


If you’re under resourced, overcommitted or overwhelmed, it can stall or even stop you from delivering your digital marketing plans.

That’s why we partner with you, to provide the support, expertise and teamwork you need to achieve the market impact and results you crave. Our consulting services include:

  • Virtual digital director
  • Digital business improvement
  • Performance analysis
  • Performance optimisation
  • Customer segmentation


The key to making your digital future a successful one, is to review your existing digital footprint, understand your track record and scrutinise your results.

Think of the audit process as a fresh set of eyes on your business, delivering a new perspective. If you’re already using digital marketing and getting results, we’ll find ways to get better outcomes from established channels and existing content, as well as new approaches and ideas.

We’ll build a profile that evaluates your business’ digital marketing experience, competency and confidence across seven digital disciplines. This is your baseline. From there, we benchmark you against other businesses in your industry and create a prioritised list (either high, medium or low) of tasks to action. Then you decide how quickly to implement, based on your budget and comfort levels.

Testing & Optimisation

Using the science of deductive reasoning, we repeatedly test, optimise and iterate each marketing touch point… and deliver both ‘eureka’ and ‘aha’ moments, that are rooted in data and enriched by human insights.

We test and optimise for ecommerce conversion, lead conversion, advertising effectiveness, content consumption and various other digital customer experiences. Our 4-step process, is:

  1. Develop an experiment plan based on one or more hypothesis
  2. Build and run a series of experiments to prove/disprove the hypothesis
  3. Fold those learnings into approaches that optimise the activity being tested
  4. Rinse and repeat the process, with new experiment plans

The methods used are determined by the experiment plan, hypothesis and its goal, but in all cases, the power of data is harnessed and married to human insights, so that your digital marketing is delivering deeper impact and stronger outcomes.

Campaign Management

There’s no such thing as set-and-forget around here – we’re very hands-on, when it comes to executing and managing your digital campaigns.

We constantly monitor your data, adjust the campaign and execute changes to ensure you get maximum value for your investment. And your channel budgets are never fixed in stone – we’re always talking you through adjustments and movements to best suit the response rate and boost your eventual outcomes.

Our campaign management services cover: organic search (SEO), social media ads (Facebook), remarketing ads, tag management, marketing automation, personalisation, paid search (AdWords), video ads, content marketing and marketing analytics.

Brands we've worked with

We work with B2B and B2C pioneers, changemakers and creators who want to use their data wisely – to challenge convention, make an impact or leave a legacy.

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