Tracking AdWords Conversions Without Conversion Tracking Code

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Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of your Google Adwords account requires the ability to track conversions on your website back to the keywords in your AdWords account.

AdWords caters for this by allowing you to set up conversion actions within your account. These conversion types are tracked by code that AdWords supplies when you set up the conversion action.  You then need to install this code on the page you need to track.

Tracking multiple conversion types means multiple versions of code and more work for you and/or your web developer.  Web pages get updated, code gets lost, conversions stop being tracked and you no longer have the ability to optimise your account around conversions.

What if you could track conversions without the tracking code?

If you are using Google Analytics to track your site and you have setup Goals in Google Analytics then you already have all the code you need installed.  You can import your Google Analytics Goals into your AdWords account as conversion actions.

There are four tasks that need to be completed before the “Import from Google Analytics” button becomes active.

Task 1: Link your Google Analytics account to your Google AdWords account.

Before your can import your Google Analytics goals into your AdWords accounts as conversion actions you need to link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account.

Click on the Reports tab of your AdWords account and click Google Analytics in the drop down menu.

If you have an Analytics account set-up already and the email address that you use to log into your AdWords account is also an Administrator of the Google Analytics account then choose the “I already have a Google Analytics account” option.

If you are an Admin of multiple Google Analytics accounts then you will see a drop down box of any accounts that are not already linked to an AdWords account.  If you don’t see it listed, then you need to add your AdWords username to your Analytics account as an Account Administrator.

Your Analytics account will not appear in the drop down list if it is already linked to an AdWords account. You can only link one AdWords account to an Analytics account so you will need to unlink the other AdWords account first.

If you do not have an Analytics account set up already then you can do so from within AdWords by selecting “Create my free Google Analytics account” and clicking the continue button.

Task 2: Your Google Analytics account must have data sharing set to On.

When you first set up a Google Analytics account it will have data sharing set to On.  You can check this setting on the Account Settings page of your Google Analytics Account.

Task 3: Your AdWords account must have auto-tagging set to On.

You are asked if you want to enable auto-tagging when you first link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account. If your accounts are already linked you can check to see if auto-tagging is enabled on the Account Preferences page of your AdWords account.

You can learn more about auto-tagging on the Google Analytics help site.

Task 4: Each goal you want to import from Google Analytics needs to have received traffic from an AdWords ad.

So you can either wait for someone to complete a tracked goal after they click on your ad or go ahead and do this yourself by clicking on one of your own ads and performing the required action to complete the goal.

Although there only needs to be one recorded Goal completion from AdWords traffic , there is a delay of between 24 to 48 hours before the button actually becomes active.

You can now start importing the Goals that you want your AdWords account to track as conversions and you didn’t have to install a single line of extra code!

This article was posted by Bret Buckland. Bret is a Google Qualified AdWords Professional and Campaign Manager at Traffika. You can follow Bret on Twitter @bjbuck